Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - From MONDAY November 8 to MONDAY...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 2/16/11 Critical Response Current “Franklin sought to soothe his wounds and justify his apparent failure in British politics” ( Encyclopædia Britannica 6) Franklin’s intellect “adapted the philosophy of the century to the needs of a raw, colonial power” (702 book) Franklin made “the American colonies…the epitome of the Enlightenment” (702 book) “He is the epitome of the Age of Reason in hius ability to take philosophical ideas and formulate them, through his prose, into a practical, efficient, yet beneficent life-style” (book 695) Contemporary “Of all the literary men in my time, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN occupied the first rank in respect to elegance, conjoined with philosophical accuracy, and depth of observation. Every subject he treated, assumed, under his hand, a new and more inviting appearance than any other person could ever give it.” -Bloom Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech. —"Silence Dogood," no. 8 (July 9, 1722) Bibliography B enjamin Franklin is hailed as one of the greatest men of all time; despite being once viewed as an embarrassment to society, and a failure to British politics. Born in 1706, he was the tenth child and youngest son of a man who made soap candles, a low regarded artisan craft. Franklin received only two years of formal education before being sent to apprentice his older brother James n the field of printing. This is when Franklin started his
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Benjamin Franklin - From MONDAY November 8 to MONDAY...

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