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3AP1 - 6 Even though this was a miraculous event(not really...

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3AP1 Vocab Empirical- depending upon experience or observation alone, without using the scientific method or theory Supine- inactive, passive Pagan- irreligious or hedonistic person Sages- wise person Awful- solemnly impressive; inspiring awe Preternatural- supernatural; outside of nature Prodigy- something extraordinary regarded as of prophetic significance Eclipses- obscuration of light Deigned- condescend
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1. How do you convince inattentive, irreligious people to use their sense, instead of logic, to realize that God exists? 2. The fact that Jesus is the savior is proved by many amazing events. 3. Many miracles have occurred that break the laws of science. 4. But many Greek and Roman philosophers ignored these miracles and went on with their lives as if nothing had happened. 5. Ex. of miracle: eclipse while Tiberius was emperor of Rome.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Even though this was a miraculous event (not really), people of a scientific age didnt care. 7. At the time of the eclipse, Roman philosophers did believe that it was an eclipse. 8. Each philosopher extensively recorded all of natures phenomena. 9. They didnt mention the greatest phenomenon of all 10. Pliny did not believe eclipses were miracles, but he did convince himself that after this eclipse, the summer sun was dull and weary. 11. Although this darkness after Caesars death cannot directly be connected to the darkness after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, many poets and historians celebrate it. Pagan people need to realize that although there is no real logical evidence that God exists, there is empirical evidence such as the eclipse after Caesars death that suggest His existence....
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3AP1 - 6 Even though this was a miraculous event(not really...

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