10th grade History mid term multiple choice

10th grade History mid term multiple choice - Alison...

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Alison Lindsay 12/11/09 History multiple-choice questions ___ 1. The migration of what people from the Niger River region spread iron-smelting techniques and the knowledge of high-yield crops like yams and bananas across eastern and southern Africa? a. Ghana b. Swahili c. Bantu d. Zimbabwe ___ 2. Which of the following were the results of Mansa Musa’s famous pilgrimage? (Can be multiple) a. Christianity spread to West Africa. b. It demonstrated the enormous wealth of his kingdom. c. It led to the Christian crusades. d. He was inspired to make Timbuktu a leading center for Islamic learning and culture. ___ 3. The most abundant metal worked in the topics, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, was a. Bronze b. Titanium c. Iron d. Silver e. Platinum ___ 4. Which of the following is NOT a shared characteristic of the Mayan and Aztec civilization? a. A sophisticated writing system based on hieroglyphics or pictures b. Cocoa beans used as money c. Human sacrifice as a way to oppress the gods d. Frequent warfare e. An empire of conquered people who paid tribute to the rulers ___ 5. The Aztec carried out human sacrifices in order to a. Delay the destruction of earth by earthquakes by appeasing the sun god, Huitzilopochtli b. Punish enemies c. Enhance the power of government leaders
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d. Encourage the return of the feathered-serpent god, Quetzalcoatl e. Ensure victory in warfare ___ 6. What was the Aztec view of history? a. They believed in a linear view of history dedicated to the premise of Aztec superiority for eternity b. Like other Mesoamerican peoples, the Aztecs believed in a pattern of repetitive destructions of the world c. Unlike other Mesoamerican people, the Aztecs rejected the pattern of repetitive destructions for a more modern historical view based on the history of their empire d. Because they lacked a calendar system, the Aztecs had no formal historical viewpoint e. They believed in a linear history ending with their total destruction at the hands of the people from the “East” ___ 7. The significance of the Byzantine Empire included all of the following EXCEPT a. The empire’s ability to survive for almost a thousand years b. The importance of the empire’s capital at Constantinople as a major urban center c. The ability of the empire to spread its cultural and political influence to the Balkans and southern Russia d. The empire’s conquest of the Ottoman Empire and its inclusion of the Middle East e. Its development of Eastern Orthodox Christianity which broke from Rome in 1054 ___ 8. Which of the following was NOT one of Justinian’s positive contributions to the Byzantine Empire? a.
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10th grade History mid term multiple choice - Alison...

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