history p.80-81

history p.80-81 - 2. Rama- the ideal hero, perfect ruler,...

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Alison Lindsay 1/13/08 Outline for p.80-81 A. Indian Accomplishments 1. Literature a. Vedas- the earliest Indian literature, which contain religious chants & stories that were originally passed down orally and then recorded in Sanskrit b. Indian epics i. Mahabharata 1. 90,000 stanzas- the longest poem ever 2. A war between cousins for control over the kingdom 3. Bhagavad Gita- a sermon by the god Krishna on the eve of a major battle, sets forth one key point of Indian culture- one must not worry about the success or failure of an action but should only be aware of the moral rightness of the act itself ii. Ramayana 1. Rama is banished from the, and forced to live in the forest, and he fights Ceylon, who kidnapped his wife Sita.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Rama- the ideal hero, perfect ruler, and ideal son c. K lid sa - wrote The Cloud Messenger 2. Architecture a. Spread Buddhism i. Buddhas birthplace, the Bodhi tree, where he preached is fist sermon, and his death place ii. Symbolizes earth, space, fire, water, and air iii. Pillar- 50 tons, 50 ft tall, had a carved lion on top iv. Stupa- house of relic of the Buddha, burial mounds, house of worship v. Rock chamber- rooms for monks and halls for religious ceremonies 3. Science and Mathematics a. Movements of the stars b. Earth was a sphere and rotated on an axis and rotates around the sun c. Aryabhata- the most famous mathematician of the Gupta Empire d. Zero (0)...
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history p.80-81 - 2. Rama- the ideal hero, perfect ruler,...

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