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Mogul timeline

Mogul timeline - one of his wives 1628-1658 Shah Jahan...

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Early 1500s India was divided into Hindu and Muslim kingdoms, but when the Mogul dynasty arose an era of unity was created in India. 1504 Babur, a descendent of Timur Lenk and Ghengas Khan inherited land from his father and seized Kabul. This was the first step to conquering India and creating the Mogul dynasty. 1517 Babur crossed the Khyber pass to India with a small force of 12000 troops. With his advanced weapons and artillery, Babur was able to capture Delhi. 1556 At the age of 14 Akbar becomes Mogul ruler. By 1605 Akbar expanded the Mogul dynasty to most of India with artillery and negotiation. The mogul dynasty was a collection of semi- independent states held together by the power of the emperor. Akbar, well known for his humane character, had religious and tolerance and tolerance in his administration. He also applied his taxes justly and he was prosperous in foreign trade. 1605 Akbar died and was succeeded by Jahangir. He strengthened control of the government but was the first step in the decline of the Mogul empire because he fell under the influence of
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Unformatted text preview: one of his wives. 1628-1658 Shah Jahan ruled the Mogul empire. He maintained political system and expanded the empire but he failed to deal with domestic problems. The government had no money but he raised an expensive army. 1650s The British arrived in India. This quickened the decline of the Mogul empire. The British settled in Surat, Fort William, and Bengal and attracted the French, which led to warfare. 1658 Aurangzeb was the ruler of the Mogul empire and eliminated suttee and levying of illegal taxes. He also tried to eliminate gambling and drinking as well. Aurangzeb forced Hindus to convert to Islam and this caused unrest and rebellions. 1739 Delhi was sacked by the Persians and the Mongul empire was weakened. 1763 Treaty of Paris gives British control of India after the British victory in the battle of Plassey in Bengal. After this India had no more power and the Mogul empire ended. Mogul empire- 1517-1763...
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Mogul timeline - one of his wives 1628-1658 Shah Jahan...

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