review sheet ch.3 sec 3&4

review sheet ch.3 sec 3&4 - A lison Lindsay 2/5/09...

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Alison Lindsay 2/5/09 Review sheet Middle Kingdom Def: China called themselves this because they thought of themselves as the center of the universe HS: This started China becoming ethnocentric or loved their culture Hierarchy Def: Levels of authority and or responsibility HS: Emperor, bureaucracy, administration, aristocrats, common people, peasants Inside person Def: means women HS: this means that the women’s job was inside the house and they had to keep their feeling inside. Filial piety Def: the children’s respect for the wisdom and experience of their elders HS: This was part of the family aspect in China which is one of te two major forces. The children had to have respect and don’t argue because they did not want to stick out. They had jobs on the farm such as bringing in water. Dynastic cycle Def: A way to explain changes in power in China HS: It starts with New dynasty: Restores orders, rebuilts, protects people, honest & ethnical: begins to fail (greed and taxes), corruption: natural disasters: loses mandate of heaven: Need for new government (civil rebellion) Mandate of heaven
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review sheet ch.3 sec 3&4 - A lison Lindsay 2/5/09...

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