another example of bad paper

another example of bad paper - Im going to use this...

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I’m going to use this reaction paper to disagree with the lectures and the book and provide a dissenting opinion regarding progressive rock. It was said that heavy metal is the most technically demanding subgenre of rock and roll and that progressive rock is seen as a subset of metal. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more. Progressive rock may have roots in metal, but is no more part of the same genre than rock and roll is of blues. Additionally, I would never use the term “progressive rock” to group solely British bands. In my opinion the three greatest progressive rock bands of all time are Rush, Tool and Jane’s Addiction; none of these bands are British, and though Canada is part of the commonwealth I would never allow the UK to take credit for Rush. By the way – why wasn’t Rush covered along with the other progressive artists? I know they were mainly 80’s, but they got their start in the 70’s and are arguably more influential and successful than Yes or Genesis. I still have hope that there will be time late in the semester for Jane’s Addiction – they never get credit yet they mastered progressive and basically started alternative rock. Drums are the most important part of any progressive band; they set it apart from the typical rock and roll beat and is the most noticeable instrument on progressive albums. While the in-class examples of Pink Floyd and others have decent drummers they all pale in comparison to Neil Peart of Rush. He’s the product – and godfather of – “constant motion drumming.” Where your Bonhams and Moons play loud with an elbow on the knee waiting to smack the snare drum, Neil Peart has his arms raised above his head in a persistent attack stance. He’s faster and more talented than those drummers. Though I can’t deny that he’s standing on the shoulders of giants, he’s a much bigger giant in his own right than any drummer before him (Try out a live version of
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another example of bad paper - Im going to use this...

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