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example of good paper - Art and Prog Rock Random thoughts:...

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Art and Prog Rock Random thoughts: This class could get expensive. I was fortunate to possess an iTunes gift card, which covered the majority of my wishes from the first week’s listening selections. Week 2, however, will cost me. I visited Best Buy in search of Genesis and ELP, and Pink Floyd discs, but walked away with three Elton John CDs and one Marvin. In the future, I intend to own Genesis’s Duke , as well as ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery. I grew up in the ‘80s and was-am a classic rock fan. It’s amazing to me, however, the amount of music that simply escaped me. ELP is a perfect example although I am familiar with a number of their tunes. In my opinion, commercial classic rock radio stations have often functioned with a very limited repertoire, so many great tunes from these progressive rock bands are never or seldom heard while others (Pink Floyd and Yes) are played too frequently. I think good tunes are likely to get neglected for a couple reasons: First, they offer soloists space to the extent that some listeners lack the attention span to stay with it; and second, some songs reflect a degree of complexity beyond that which is optimal for the masses. Other songs just may not have had luck
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example of good paper - Art and Prog Rock Random thoughts:...

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