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Assignment - Team Idea Overview - This is not an exercise...

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Erik Sander – EGN6640 Page 1 Entrepreneurship for Engineers Team Idea Overview Assignment This is an exercise in expanding your capabilities and output (the assignment in this case) by leveraging the power of the team. The format for the Team Idea Overview is exactly the same as the Individual Idea Overview format with the exception that it's expanded to three pages maximum rather than two pages. This should give you more room to go more in depth in answering the various questions of the format (Who are you, What are you Planning, etc.). Your combined brilliance, brought out in your team discussions, will undoubtedly flesh out your business model a little more, help you go a little deeper into what specific product or service features you might develop, increase your capabilities to do it better than anyone else, focus on more specific markets segments that directly benefit from your offering, define a little better what market/customer needs would be met with the benefits that you'll bring to them, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: This is not an exercise in just adding another page of verbiage to the Individual Idea Overview, but rather in focusing what you've written to more clearly and sharply answer the questions in your mind (and then in the assignment) which will lead into our discussion of your "Value Proposition" that we'll go into next in the course. Your team can choose to move forward with one of the ideas that your members submitted to the instructor individually or a whole new idea, but this will be the business idea that you'll build on for the Value Proposition presentation, Team Financial Analysis, Team Executive Summary, and Team Presentation assignments in the rest of the course. If sometime in the next few weeks, you want to switch to a different idea, that should be fine, but it's not recommended as you'll be building on what we've done throughout the course - so think long and hard about what team idea you choose now....
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