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Erik Sander – EGN6640 Page 1 Entrepreneurship for Engineers Individual Idea Overview Assignment Your Idea Overview should provide an initial framework for expressing the salient points of your entrepreneurial idea of interest. This framework is designed so that you should be able to quickly and clearly explore and express the key aspects of your technology-based idea. As you proceed through this course, you’ll expand this framework to a business plan summary in your journey to understand the entrepreneurial process. A key part of this journey is translating from the everyday questions that help you and others understand the potential opportunities inherent in your idea to the equivalent business plan terms as shown below: Key Questions to Business Planning Equivalents Key Questions Business Planning Equivalents Who are you? Management Team; Strategic Partners; Board of Advisors; Operation What are you planning? Product / Service; Core Technology Why can you do it better than anyone else? Competitive Advantage; Distribution; Marketing; Position; Operations Advantages Who cares, why do they care, and how much do they care? Market; Market Needs Analysis; Revenue Model; Pricing Strategy What do you need to get it done? Investments; Strategic Partnerships;
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Assignment+-+Individual+Idea+Overview - Entrepreneurship...

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