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ESI 6553 Systems Design Spring 2010 Term Project Information Term project reports are due by April 29, 2010. The projects can be done individually, or in teams of at most four students. In team projects, all students are required to show significant contribution. A project can be in one of the following formats: o Case Study: An implementation of the system design process to a real-life project/system. A real-life project does not have to be completed, but all the necessary of aspects of the system design process should be covered. The project can (although does not have to) be in your area(s) of expertise. DO NOT use any proprietary/classified information in your projects. o A literature survey on a specific tool or topic. Scientific publications (books, papers published in scientific journals or presented at conferences) on a selected tool/topic are reviewed. For example, a team can select the topic of “design for maintainability” and review work published thereon. You can narrow the topic, for example “design for maintainability in Air Force applications” would be a
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Unformatted text preview: suitable project title. Alternatively, specific systems design techniques/tools can be reviewed. Students are expected to perform a comprehensive analysis of the described work (e.g. what the benefits and drawbacks of certain methods are, how a certain method would perform compared to another in certain applications, etc.) Teams should be formed and preliminary project proposals should be submitted electronically by April 5 . A project proposal should include a definition of the project along with the motivation for selecting the project and should not exceed 2 pages . Project proposals are for the instructor’s reference only; they WILL NOT be graded. The final project reports are due by April 29 and should not exceed 15 pages (text font size 10-12pt). Appendices describing the supporting material are permitted where appropriate, and these will not count towards the 15 page limit....
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