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english journal 2

english journal 2 - Alexandra Saltz English 15 Section 78...

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Alexandra Saltz English 15 Section 78 Journal 2 Due September 16, 2010 Violent Media Is Good for Kids is about how violent media is not necessarily bad. It can help kids to understand their own feelings better. Gerard Jones’s major audience seems to be mainly parents and teachers that think that violent media is bad for the crucial development of children. His main purpose is to argue that violent media should not be shielded from children because it shields them from their own feelings and fantasies and against power and selfhood. He shows this with a variety of evidence. He uses research from Melanie Moore, Ph.D. This helps him to establish logos. He uses a mass amount of real-life examples. He first uses his own example to establish his point. He then uses his example about his own son. He even uses two examples of these girls that he knew. By starting with his own life example it helped him to establish that he had ethos. He reaches an emotional appeal with his use of dialogue throughout the entire paper.
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