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english journal 3

english journal 3 - Alexandra Saltz English 15 Section 78...

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Alexandra Saltz English 15 Section 78 Journal Entry 3 Due October 12, 2010 The Triumph of Hope over Self- Interest is a causal analysis paper arguing how people vote for what they want to become not how they are. The audience reached is the readers of the New York Times, which tend to be upper middle class, liberal. David Brooks expresses his attitude about how they aren’t jealous for the rich but rather in admiration to be them, and how they seem to be satisfied with their income, because they don’t live side by side with the rich. He is trying to get his audience to figure out their own biasness/ make them self-aware of how they vote. The thesis is that Americans want to distribute more wealth down to people like themselves. The writer uses a logical approach and hypothetical stories. He says a lot of assumed information, for example: how people have their values and if those around them share similar values, then the class of the people no longer matters. The paper starts with Democratic and Republican views and how Republicans tend to get things to pass. I think that this is
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