assignment #3 - Assignment 3 You will find three...

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Assignment 3 You will find three assignments on the following pages. Each one is worth 10 points for a total of 30 points. Make sure you do all three assignments. Sensory Awareness Assignment 1) (worth 3 pts.) Go to this website and take the senses challenge: Remember to access the website hold your cursor over the link, then hold down the ctrl key and left click with your mouse. List your score below and comment SPECIFICALLY on at least two of the items in the test. NOTE: If you have trouble accessing a website – EMAIL me, do not just submit an incomplete assignment or you will get less points. Score: 7/20 Comment: Okay, but I need to sharpen up. 2) (worth 7 pts.) This exercise is designed to help you to become more aware of all five senses. Pick 5 objects at random from within and/or outside of your home. Put them on a tray and get a kitchen towel or scarf that you can blindfold yourself with. Put the blindfold on and then pick up one object. Feel every nook and cranny of the object. Smell the object. Lick it to see how it taste (I’m assuming you haven’t chosen anything poisonous here . Then listen to the object. If it doesn’t make any noise on its own, then smack it up against the tray and listen to the sound it makes. Why do you think it made that sound? Lastly, take off the blindfold and really LOOK at the object in a way you have never looked before. Do you notice anything about it that you had never seen before? List what each
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assignment #3 - Assignment 3 You will find three...

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