WUC_121_TMA_1 - 1 m a r k s 6 What are utility programmes...

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Semester 2 2009 Tutor-marked Assignment 1 (TMA 1) Submission Date: 22 nd August 2009 / 23 rd August 2009 21 st August 2009 (Kota Bharu only) Basic Computing and the Internet WUC 121/03 1
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1. List the basic specifications and prices of 2 different desktop computers taken from advertisements or flyers and give reasons for your choice of one over the o t h e r . [ 1 0 m a r k s ] 2. Why is computer literacy important to you? [10 marks] 3. When you type a document using a computer, you are aware of the four steps information processing cycle of a computer. List and summarise the information processing cycle. Explain the importance of ‘backup’ for the document that you have typed. [ 1 0 m a r k s ] 4. What do people mean when they talk about the information age? Why is it a societal paradigm shift? [ 1 0 m a r k s ] 5. What are the different categories of computers? A computer can be very useful to us but it can also be our enemy. Discuss.
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Unformatted text preview: [ 1 m a r k s ] 6. What are utility programmes? Describe 2 functions that are commonly used by personal computer users. [ 1 m a r k s ] 7. Name and briefly describe 3 computer applications in society. [ 1 m a r k s ] 2 8. Listed below are 6 search engines: http://www. a9.com altavista.com ask.com cuil.com dogpile.com bing.com Use any 3 of the above search engine and do the following: a. Print screen the first interface with a search topic b. Print screen the first search result c. Comment on one of the search engines that you have chosen. [10 marks] 9. What is “cyber bullying”? How can this form of bullying be reduced? [ 1 m a r k s ] 10. What is “netiquette”? List and elaborate 5 netiquettes that you think are essential to control Internet usage. [10 marks] 3...
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WUC_121_TMA_1 - 1 m a r k s 6 What are utility programmes...

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