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west coast case study

west coast case study - Then you have an M/M/s queuing...

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BUAD311 Feng Chen More guidelines for West Coast Case Please organize your analysis as follow. 1. Short summary of the problem. 2. Capacity analysis. Is there enough capacity? Specifically, are there enough weekly Dr. and nurse hours to satisfy patient demand? 150 clinician hours dedicated to walk in clinic 40 hours has to be a triage nurse So 110 hours would be the capacity We are under capacity 25 min x 377 min = 157.08 clinician hours Do you recommend hiring more Doctors and/ or nurses? Yes we should hire nurses because patients were going to doctors when they could’ve seen a nurse 3. Waiting times analysis. To have an idea of what the waiting times can be, you may assume: a. Arrivals across days and hours are similar and doctors and nurses are scheduled evenly throughout the week and day. b. All patients are walk-ins, and are willing to see the first physician available. (No one cares about personalized service.) c. Inter-arrival and service times are exponential.
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Unformatted text preview: Then, you have an M/M/s queuing model for each hour of the day. Specify the arrival rate, service rate, and number of servers for this model. What is the average waiting time and what is the probability that a patient waits more than 20 minutes? 4. Your scheduling recommendations. • Can you propose a better schedule for the physicians? • What happens if you place more emphasis on the patients having more personalized service? Suppose each patient is assigned to a small team of physicians, and can only be seen by a physician on that team. Will waiting times increase or decrease? More staffing at beginning of day and week A more personalized service will make patients be able to see their respective doctor/nurse on most days. They seem to prefer waiting less time than anything so with the new proposed schedule any day they come in the probability of waiting more than 20 minutes will be very BUAD311 Feng Chen low....
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