can a structure be too flat

can a structure be too flat - BUAD 304 14723 TA Tolan...

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BUAD 304 – 14723 TA: Tolan Questions for Review 7. What are the behavioral implications of different organizational designs? Every person is different when it comes to preferences. In terms of organizational designs, some people prefer to work in teams and some people prefer the freedom and flexibility to do what they want and not have to go through multiple layers of mangers. In the reading, centralization was strongly linked to job satisfaction. Less centralized organizations have more autonomy opposed to centralized organizations where there is not as much freedom. The author of our book says that experience, personality, culture and the work task should all be taken into account when talking about the effects of structures on employees. Can a Structure be too Flat? 1. How does the Nucor case illustrate the limitations of the simple organizational structure In Nucor, there used to be only three levels. At the top there was the CEO followed by the plant managers, and finally the factory workers. Even though one more layer has been added, 5 executive vice presidents under the CEO, the organization can be seen as very flat. I think the limitations are that if the company wants to keep growing, at the moment the organizational structure is not changing fast enough
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can a structure be too flat - BUAD 304 14723 TA Tolan...

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