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BUAD 304 – 14723 TA: Tolan Dressing for Success 1. I don’t think that Cohen has the right to be offended because if there is a strict dress code policy, she should be adhering to it. Although the case said that Cohen thought she had a good handle on the dress code, it does not say how long she has worn these types of outfits for. If she has worn them multiple times and no one has said a thing to her, then I do think she has the right to be offended. If this is this first time that she wore these articles of clothing however, I don’t think she has the right to be offended. An older employee told her that it was inappropriate and if other employees are wearing much more formal attire to work, then Cohen should be conforming to the dress code that is deemed acceptable in the workplace. 2. I disagree with this statement. Cohen is obviously a young female employee but she has no right to feel offended about being told that her outfit is inappropriate. In a workplace, there is a strict dress code and if that is not adhered to, there will
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