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1. Do you think employers have a right to investigate applicants by googling them or exploring sites such as myspace or twitter? What about checking out their current employers? I absolutely think that employers have the right to investigate who they are hiring. Depending on what sort of company you are hiring for, I think it varies on how important it is to do a background check. In general however, no matter the industry, it is crucial to know who is about to work for your company. If you google them or explore their social networking site you will find out what this potential employee is like outside of the office. This is essential for the hiring process because employees today do not only represent the company they work for when they show up at the office. Employees are representatives of their company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everywhere an employee goes, he/she could potentially be harming the image of their respective organization. Some things on facebook or myspace obviously matter more than others so there is a
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