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Toyota Ch. 18 homework

Toyota Ch. 18 homework - BUAD 304 14723 TA Tolan 1 I would...

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BUAD 304 – 14723 TA: Tolan 1.) I would definitely consider Toyota to be an innovative organization. Although they are not coming up with anything spectacular every few years, they are steadily improving smaller things everyday. In my opinion, the average consumer may not notice these small changes but in the automobile industry it is not necessarily the things that we see that create great vehicles. The improvements under the hood and many of the working parts are what make a car great, the physical look of the car is a completely different topic. So yes I do think that although Toyota hasn’t come up with anything that can be deemed as world changing or revolutionary, the small steps that they have taken over the past decades have led to cars such as the Prius to be developed. 2.) I do think that Toyota’s inbred leadership hinders on its success. Toyota is one of the most successful car companies around but as far as the leadership goes, I do think that the family leadership style keeps things status quo and unless there is somebody
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