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BRAZIL manufactured goods

BRAZIL manufactured goods - Industry and manufacturing...

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Industry and manufacturing account for 27% of GDP in Brazil. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, oranges, and coffee, and the second largest of soybean, beef, poultry, and corn. It is also a major producer of steel, aircraft, automobiles, and auto parts but a relatively small trader by world standards. Currently Brazil’s manufactured products include manufactured goods like orange juice and refined sugar, and semi-manufactured sugar and soybean products, account for at 30- 40% of exports. Soybean and soybean products are 10% of exports, automobile and related parts (8%) and aircraft (3%). Brazil wants further opening of developed country markets to its agricultural products. The US is Brazil’s largest single country trading partner. At the moment however, the United States’ model of trade does not meet Brazil’s needs. The Doha rounds will hopefully achieve the balance that Brazil needs to sufficiently liberalize trade especially with the United States. Liberalization of manufactured goods poses its own difficult challenges. The current
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