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First Slide Manufacturing in Brazil is the second biggest component of their economy and it accounts for 27.8% of their GDP Some of the most popular exports include oil, coffee, aircrafts, pulpwood, as well GRAPH Manufactured goods account for 60.5% of their overall exports and it has been increasing greatly since 2003 Brazil knows that it has the potential to play a major role in international trade o For this reason they have many concerns about opening up trade to the rest of the world Brazil has already struck a deal with UNASUR – Union of south American nations. Structure is similar to the EU and they have plans in place to create a single South American market by eliminating tariffs and promoting the increased development of the region's international infrastructure Second Slide For a very long time the US was Brazil’s largest trading partner until a few years
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Unformatted text preview: ago China replaced them • In the Doha Rounds Brazil’s demands for trade agreement include getting significant protection for their infant industries, significant reductions in tariffs and liberalized trade especially with the United States. Also want antidumping measures and countervailing measures be put in place as well as a greater control of imports in order to avoid illegal smuggling of products • The US really wants to strike a deal with Brazil. They want free trade or a very close to zero tariff agreement. Brazil doesn’t think that this scenario will benefit them as much as it will the US so they are refusing to budge at the moment unless the countries can each go halfway and come to a compromise to get the best possible outcome for both nations...
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