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CS70_Midterm_Exam_1_Sum_2007 - CS570 Analysis of Algorithms...

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CS570 Analysis of Algorithms Summer 2007 Exam 1 Name: _____________________ Student ID: _________________ Maximum Received Problem 1 20 Problem 2 10 Problem 3 10 Problem 4 15 Problem 5 20 Problem 6 15 Problem 7 10 Total 100
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1) 20 pts Mark the following statements as TRUE or FALSE . No need to provide any justification. [ TRUE/FALSE ] Given a connected graph G, with at least two edges having the same cost, there will definitely be two distinct minimum spanning trees. [ TRUE/FALSE ] You can use Dijikstra's shortest path algoritm in a graph with negative edge weights. [ TRUE/FALSE ] Prim’s algorithm can be implemented in O(m log n) time. [ TRUE/FALSE ] In a dynamic programming problem, the solution to a sub-problem might change at certain steps and therefore has to be recomputed. [ TRUE/FALSE ] In the Gale-Shapley algorithm, the order in which the men propose to the women (i.e the order in which the algorithm might pick a man to propose to a woman) might affect the final matching that is formed.
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