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Homework #2 1. Suppose you were to drive from USC to Santa Monica along I-10. Your gas tank, when full, holds enough gas to go p miles, and you have a map that contains the information on the distances between gas stations along the route. Let d 1 < d 2 < · · · < d n be the locations of all the gas stations along the route where d i is the distance from USC to the gas station. We assume that the distance between neighboring gas stations is at most p miles.
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Unformatted text preview: Your goal is to make as few gas stops as possible along the way. Give the most efficient algorithm to determine at which gas stations you should stop and prove that your strategy yields an optimal solution. Give the time complexity of your algorithm as a function of n. 2. Problem 4 in Chapter 4 3. Problem 13 in Chapter 4...
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