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AUTISM QUESTIONS. Good luck to everyone for the finals! 1. What causes Autism? Answer is A a. No known definite causes for autism b. Bad parenting c. Early psychological traumatic event d. Stress can cause autism 2. The medical test used for autism is_____. Answer is D a. Blood test b. Urine test c. X-ray d. No medical test, just observed behavior by the physician 3. Which of the following statements is true: Answer is A a. Autism is a spectrum where you are either a little autistic or very autistic.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Most individuals with autism live in institutions c. Autism is a result of bad parenting. d. Some individuals outgrow the disorder. 4. The cure for Autism is: Answer is B a. Surgery b. No known cure c. Chelation d. Over the counter medication 5. What are the symptoms for autism? Answer is D a. Lack of empathy b. Shows and unusual attachment to objects c. Unusual distress when routines are changed d. All of the above...
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