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Yeldell Clay Yeldell Mrs. Brooks English IV 1302 25 March 2007 Global Warming: The Radical Religion In the last twenty years, the hottest debate in the scientific community has been on the issue of global warming. Due to the nature of mass media, they have transformed one of the opinions on the subject into an absolute truth, nearly a religion. The media can not be expected to, “portray climate change as anything but catastrophic…The media is either very untrained in the field or is really looking the other way.” (Morano 3). The media should quit supporting the false assertion that the human race is responsible for global warming. The earth is warming up, but it is not because of anything man has done. The supposed current highs in temperature are simply due to the natural cycles that the earth goes through. “Global warming comes and goes in 1,500 year cycles which may have more to do with cosmic rays than fuel emissions” (Clover). Science published a study claiming that a tree ring analysis found striking similarities between 20 th century increases in global temperature and the Medieval Warm period—a period lasting from 1330 A.D. to 1600 A.D. which saw similar increases in temperature” (Carnell 1). This finding further supported the fact that “there are processes within the Earth’s natural climate system that produce large changes” (Carnell 1). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s response to this information is to ignore the Medieval Period completely when factoring in historical data into their climate models. Regarding the 1
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Yeldell study, Edward Cook of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory said that the Earth is “capable of rapid changes and long periods of above average warmth on its own without enhanced greenhouse warming caused by human activities” (Tree 1). He concluded by saying that “greenhouse gasses were not a factor back in the Medieval Warm Period” (Tree 1). These results provide clear cut evidence that warming trends are completely natural and are not due to the increase of greenhouse gasses. “If this were a CO2 driven warming it should have started in 1940 and risen strongly from there. In fact warming started in 1850 and rose sharply until 1940 then decreased for 35 years (Clover). Research was recently conducted on modern-day temperature trends. “In 1936 the Midwest of the United States experienced 49 consecutive days of temperatures over 90 degrees. There was another 49 consecutive days in 1955. But in 1992 there was only one day over 90 degrees and in 1997 only 5 days” (American 1). This serves as another example of the natural temperature cycles the earth goes through. Regardless of the recent highs in temperature, when one observes the temperature changes over the past two decades they realize we are currently in a cooling trend. Scientific research through U.S. Government satellite and balloon measurements
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RESEARCH PAPER - Yeldell 1 Clay Yeldell Mrs Brooks English...

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