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Neil Patel Lawrence Pompey Zehra Husain La’Tanya Smith “HUNTINGTON DISEASE” 1. What is the cause for Huntingtons? a. Degeneration of brain cells b. Smoking c. Drinking d. Influenze 2. What type of disease is Huntingtons? a. Neurodegenerative b. Psychological c. Chemical imbalance d. Non of the above 3. Organ affected by Huntingtons? a. Brain b. Liver c.
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Unformatted text preview: Kidney d. Heart 4. How does Huntingtons affect the brain? a. Degenerates neurons in certain areas b. Degenerates the entire brain c. Causes brain lesions d. Distract brain functions 5. Transmissions of Huntingtons is? a . Genetic/inherited b. Airborne c. Sexually transmitted d. From food poison...
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