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Pica Question - A True B False 3 What is pica A It’s a...

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Human Health & Disease PICA (5 Questions) A. Is there a treatment for pica? B. Yes C. Maybe D. No 1) When is PICA considered inappropriate? A. in children over the ages 18-24 months without a mental or developmental disability B. 10 to 20 years old C. Between the ages of 3to 6 D. Inappropriate between the ages of 2 and 2) There is a known cause for PICA?
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Unformatted text preview: A. True B. False 3) What is pica? A. It’s a eating disorder where no nutrient foods are ingested for at least a month B. A rare disease C. A penicillin D. A treatment 4) What’s the most common Complication in Pica? A) Mal-nutrion B) Bezours C) Lead poisoning D) Iron Deficiency Anemia...
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