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Sickle cell anemia - of hemoglobin in blood tests a Hemoglobin S b Hemoglobin A c Hemoglobin C d Hemoglobin X 4 Sickle cell anemia is results from

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Sickle Cell Anemia Questions By: Lin Chen Griselda Sanchez Kimberly Tolentino Scott Solski 1. What is the shape of Sickle Cell RBCs? a. Disc-shaped b. Leafy -shaped c. Crescent- shaped d. Oval- shaped 2. Which of the following symptoms is the most common in Sickle Cell Anemia? a. Chest Pain b. Fatigue c. Vomiting d. Pale skin 3. Patients who have the sickle cell disease show a majority of which of the following types
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Unformatted text preview: of hemoglobin in blood tests: a. Hemoglobin S b. Hemoglobin A c. Hemoglobin C d. Hemoglobin X 4. Sickle cell anemia is results from: a. Decrease production of hemoglobin x b. Autosomal recessive gene mutation c. Increase production of hemoglobin x d. Non of the above 5. Sickle Cell anemia is most common: a. Asians b. Hispanics c. African d. White...
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