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final - study guide 01-2 - Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2010...

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Final Exam Study Guide – Fall 2010 History of U.S. 21:512:201:01 Important information : Section 01: Your final exam is on Thursday, December 16, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Make-up exams without penalty require a written medical excuse. You are responsible for all readings and lectures from October 21 through December 9. All cases of suspected cheating will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity. Structure of exam : Section 1 : Multiple Choice (30%) - There will be 15 multiple choice questions based on the key terms listed on the class guides. Information will come from lectures and readings. Each question will be worth 2 points. There is no partial credit. Illegible answers will receive no credit. I will not test you directly on dates, but some general sense of dates may help you to answer some of the questions. Section 2 : Essay (35%) - Three of the following questions will appear on your exam. You must answer one of them. (Prepare 4 to be safe.) Be sure to include relevant examples and historical context from the lectures, text (U.S.) and documents (VOF) in your response. Be clear in your response (answer the question) and specific in your evidence (provide events, dates, descriptions, etc.) A demonstrated awareness of the historical context is essential. Personal opinions should be supported with specific evidence. 1. Although the Constitution did not recognize the existence of political parties, they were firmly established by 1796. Consider the development of political parties from Washington to Adams to Jefferson. What did the respective parties stand for? What challenges did they pose to the Constitution? Be sure to include specific examples of legislation, events, elections in your response. Electiomns 1796 ….
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final - study guide 01-2 - Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2010...

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