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Section 2 Essay 3 - 3 Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew...

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3. Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were strong presidents who viewed themselves as serving the interests of the “common man.” Compare and contrast the presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson. What were their respective views of the “common man” (be sure to define)? Specifically how did their actions and policies as President fulfill their vision (or not)? Provide examples. Be sure to pay attention to broader developments in politics, society, economy as they are relevant to understanding the actions of these men within their historical period. President Jefferson and President Jackson were similar in many ways. The Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy had views and goals, which were alike and different in various ways. Both were in favor of the common man and felt that it is common people who should have the biggest influence on government, and not the wealthy aristocrats. For that reason, they both opposed the bank (Jefferson as Vice President) because they knew it made the rich richer and the poor poorer. They also both supported state rights and felt that the federal government should not get involved with state affairs. Both men’s actions clearly showed that the common man does not include minorities such as Native Americans and Blacks. When Jefferson began his office, he started to limit the power of the federal government. He lowered government spending, fired tax collectors, fired many government employees and reduced the size of the military. Thomas Jefferson was a strong supporter and spokesman for the common man and self-government. He strongly
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Section 2 Essay 3 - 3 Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew...

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