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Section 2 Question 4 - 4. In the years approximately 1815...

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4. In the years approximately 1815 to 1850, Northern society was affected by profound changes in its economy. Briefly discuss these changes. What were the effects on society? Discuss in detail two of the following aspects of change: 1. political rights/voting, 2. labor system, 3. reform movements. Be sure to include specific examples of the reactions and critiques of both individuals and groups within society. Consider your choices within the broad framework of an industrializing North. Compare and contrast both the causes and effects of each of these movements. After the war of 1812, America was transforming drastically in various ways. From the labor system to the reform movements, America was internalizing to its potentials. This internalization led to different views between the North and the South, which was initially caused by economical conditions. One of the outcomes of the 1812 war was that it marked an important turning point in the creation of expansion of a domestic market. This movement, known as the “Market Revolution” brought about many changes in the Northern American states. A significant change was the mass migration of Americans to the major cities in the North, such as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The population in such major cities tripled and even quadrupled, as people left as people left their farms to find work in the city. As the mass migration continued so did the increase in manufacturing of American goods. This mass migration and manufacturing led to waged labor, which was backed up by the movements such as the
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Section 2 Question 4 - 4. In the years approximately 1815...

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