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Assignment I: Calculator Objective This assignment has two parts. The goal of the Frst part of the assignment is to recreate the demonstration given in class on Wednesday. Not to worry, you will be given very detailed walk-through instructions. It is important, however, that you understand what you are doing with each step of the walk-through because the second part of the assignment is to add a few extensions to your calculator which will require similar steps to those taken in the walk-through. This assignment must be submitted using the submit script (see the class website for details) by 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 6th. You may submit it multiple times if you wish. Only the last submission will be counted. ±or example, it might be a good idea to go ahead and submit it after you have done the walk-through and gotten that part working. Be sure to check out the Hints section below! Materials • By this point, you should have been sent an invitation to your sunet e-mail to join the iPhone University Developer Program. You must accept this invitation and download the iPhone SDK. It is critical that you get the SDK downloaded and functioning as early as possible in the week so that if you have problems you will have a chance to talk to the TA’s and get help. If you wait until the weekend (or later!) and you cannot get the SDK downloaded and installed, it is unlikely you’ll Fnish this assignment on time. • The walkthrough document for the Frst part of the assignment can be found on the class website (same place you found this document). CS193P IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SPRING 2010 PAGE 1 OF 6 ASSIGNMENT 1: CALCULATOR
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Required Tasks 1. Follow the walk-through instructions (separate document) to build and run the calculator in the iPhone Simulator. Do not proceed to the next steps unless your calculator builds without warnings or errors and functions as expected. 2. Your calculator already works with ±oating point numbers (e.g. if you press 3 / 4 = it will properly show the resulting value of 0.75), however, there is no way for the user to enter a ±oating point number. Remedy this. 3. Add the following four single-operand operators: 1/x : inverts the number in the display (i.e. 4 becomes .25). Be sure to handle the case where the display currently contains a zero. You can fail silently, but don’t crash.
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