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Assignment 3_0


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Assignment III: Graphing Calculator Objective The goal of this assignment is to reuse your CalculatorBrain and CalculatorViewController objects to build a Graphing Calculator. By doing this, you will gain experience creating your own custom view, building another UIViewController , understanding more about the lifecycle of an application and the application delegate’s role in that, and creating a UINavigationController . Be sure to check out the Hints section below! Also, check out the latest additions to the Evaluation section to make sure you understand what you are going to be evaluated on with this (and future) assignments. Materials • If you successfully accomplished last week’s assignment, then you have all the materials you need for this week’s. You’ll be creating a new project and copying code from last week’s assignment. CS193P IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SPRING 2010 PAGE 1 OF 6 ASSIGNMENT III: GRAPHING CALCULATOR
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Required Tasks 1. Create an application that, when launched, presents the user-interface of your calculator from Assignment 2 inside a UINavigationController . 2. The only variable button your calculator user-interface should present is x . 3. Add a button to your calculator’s user-interface that, when pressed, pushes a UIViewController subclass onto the UINavigationController ’s stack which brings up a view that contains a custom view which is a graph of whatever expression was in the calculator when the button was pressed. The y axis should be the evaluation of the expression at multiple points along the x axis (each of which is substituted for the x variable). Pick a reasonable scale for your graph to start with. 4. In addition to the custom view to draw the graph, the view that appears should also have two buttons, “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” which increase or decrease the scale of the graph by a reasonable amount. 5. Your graph must display the axes themselves in addition to the graph of the expression . Code will be provided on the class website which will draw axes at a given point with a given scale , so you will not have to write the Quartz2D code for drawing the axes, just for the graphing of the expression itself. You probably will want to check this out to understand how the scaling works before you do #3 and #4 above. 6. Make your user-interface as clean as possible. For example, use some colors on the buttons to group them together visually. Set the titles of both UIViewController s that appear on the UINavigationController ’ s stack to something reasonable. Make sure your layout is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.
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