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Assignment IV: Universal Calculator Objective The goal of this assignment is to make your Calculator work on both the iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch) platforms. You will build a single application that works on both using conditional code inside your application. Your application will be enhanced to handle touch gestures and preserve its state across launches as well. Be sure to check out the Hints section below! Also, check out the latest additions to the Evaluation section to make sure you understand what you are going to be evaluated on with this (and future) assignments. Materials • If you successfully accomplished last week’s assignment, then you have all the materials you need for this week’s. It is strongly recommended that you make a copy of last week’s assignment before you start modifying it for this week’s. CS193P IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SPRING 2010 PAGE 1 OF 7 ASSIGNMENT IV: UNIVERSAL CALCULATOR
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1. Your Calculator application must work properly on both the iPad and iPhone, using appropriate user-interface idioms on each. Your submitted application will be built using the 3.2 SDK and then tested against both the 3.2 iPad Simulator and the 3.1.3 iPhone Simulator. 2. SpeciFcally, on the iPad, instead of having a calculator in a navigation controller which pushes the graph on-screen when the Graph button is pressed, a split view should be used instead. In landscape mode your UI should appear with your graph on the right and the calculator on the left, and in portrait mode, the graph should Fll the screen and there should be a bar button which brings up a popover of the calculator. The calculator’s Graph button should still update the graph, no matter where the graph is in the UI. The user-interface should be unchanged on the iPhone (except for Required Task #4). 3. On the iPad only, you must recognize the following 3 gestures in your custom graph view: a. It must translate it’s origin when the user pans around with a single touch. b. It must zoom in and out when the user pinches in and out. c. When the user double-taps on your graph view, it should move the graph’s origin back to the center of the view. 4. Having Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons is now optional on both platforms. On the iPad, this functionality is replaced by #3b above. On the iPhone, you can either keep the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons (this will require platform-conditional coding) or you can take out this feature entirely. 5. Do not use a .xib Fle for the user-interface of your graph view controller anymore. 6. Whenever your calculator appears in a popover, the popover should be sized appropriately to Ft the calculator. 7. When your application exits and restarts, its graph view should be showing the same scale and origin. Extra credit for preserving even more UI state than that across launches. CS193P IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT
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