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Assignment 6 - Assignment VI: CoreData SPoT Objective In...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment VI: CoreData SPoT Objective In this series of assignments, you will create an application that lets users tour Stanford through photos. The Frst assignment was to create a navigation-based application to let users browse different categories of spots at Stanford, then click on any they are interested in to see a photo of it. The primary work to be done in this assignment is to improve the performance of the application dramatically, and spruce up the user-interface with some thumbnail images and the ability to search for a spot by name. Even though this application is substantially similar to last weeks it is recommended that you start fresh with a completely new application because your underlying data structure is will be completely different. You will still want to drag some of your classes from last week in on occasion (like your view controller that shows a photo in a scrollview). Be sure to check out the Hints section below! Also, check out the latest in the Evaluation section to make sure you understand what you are going to be evaluated on with this assignment. Materials The class CoreDataTableViewController is provided. A new version of the FlickrFetcher is also provided. You will still need your lickr API key . CS193P IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SPRING 2010 PAGE 1 OF 8 ASSIGNMENT VI: COREDATA SPOT Required Tasks 1. Create a Core Data-managed object model in Xcode to store all of the information you queried from Flickr in the last assignment (or at least all that you feel you will need to do all the required tasks in this assignment). You must give some thought to what objects will be in the model and what attributes and relationships those objects will have so that you can accomplish the rest of the required tasks. 2. Cache (non-thumbnail) images viewed by the user in les in your applications sandbox. 3. Recreate the user-interface from last weeks assignment but rely entirely on your Core Data database to present it. Once your application has had a chance to create its Core Data database, it should run even if Flickr is down (though it will only be able to show cached images in that case). 4. Move all network activity out of the main thread of your application so that it is never blocked from user interaction because it is waiting on the network. 5. Add a thumbnail image of each spot to every row in any table view that shows a list of locations. Again, do not download these in the main thread of the application. Since they are small, you should cache the data for these images in your Core Data database instead of in the le system. 6. If the user is waiting for a full image of a photo (i.e. not a thumbnail) to download from the network at any point, show a spinning activity indicator in place of the image (i.e., dont just show a blank screen). Again, the photo should be downloading in a separate thread, so if the user gets tired of waiting he or she can just click the Back button to get out of it.button to get out of it....
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Assignment 6 - Assignment VI: CoreData SPoT Objective In...

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