Lecture 18 - Exam2 Review

Lecture 18 - Exam2 Review - my program outputs to the SCI...

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Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems Lecture 21.1 Jonathan W. Valvano Exam 2 review, show Exam2thoughts 1) subroutines understand what is passed in as input 8-bit numbers in registers A, B 16-bit numbers in registers D, X, Y pointers to array/string in registers X, Y understand what is returned as output 8-bit numbers in registers A, B 16-bit numbers in registers D, X, Y pointers to array/string in registers X, Y ends in rts 2) arrays and strings if 8-bit then read/write data using RegA or RegB increment pointer by 1 after each access if 16-bit then read/write data using RegD increment pointer by 2 after each access how is the length determined? Fixed length (known at design time) First element is length Last element is terminator code 3) programming techniques if-then if-then-else for-loop global variables adda addd suba subd sex clra mul idiv idivs 4) test taking strategies understand the relationship between my program and yours my program is the main program my program does ALL the I/O, not yours
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Unformatted text preview: my program outputs to the SCI, not yours you write 1, 2, or 3 subroutines that I will call my program calls your subroutines many times, my program passes into yours some data, then gives you a score based on your return parameters understand the problem Run an Exam2y and show the test data look for input data my program feeds to yours find it at the top of ROM comments give results your program should return don’t access this data directly, I will pass you a pointer set a breakpoint at start of your program add registers to ViewBox and single step solve special cases last worry about cases explicitly required and tested don’t worry about cases that are not tested 6) Warning (you will know the exact input data) DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM ZERO POINTS Simply returning outputs in the expected order YOUR BEST EFFORT IS NOT ALWAYS YOUR LAST Show how to Roll Back Allows you to turn in your best effort Don’t just try maximize score, Rather, give effort to both score and style...
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