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netw360_w4_lab_report - Jonathan Sullivan NETW360 Matter...

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Jonathan Sullivan NETW360, Matter 01/25/11 Lab #4, Creating a Wireless CAN Lab Report Free Space Optics Solution SONAbeam™ 1250-M
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The SONAbeam M series is designed with carriers’ needs in mind. Featuring a rugged, cast-aluminum, environmentally-sealed housing and up to 50 times the power of competing products, the SONAbeam M series is the toughest, most powerful system on the market today. Quadruple-redundant transmitters, combined with the largest receiver in the industry, further ensure transmission integrity. The SONAbeam M’s high-powered laser transmitters are able to penetrate heavy rain, snow and fog far more effectively and consistently than any other available FSO technology. SONAbeam M supports Fast or Gigabit native Ethernet as well as custom datarates when run in protocol transparent mode. Radio Frequency Based Solution TrangoLINK GigaPro TrangoLINK GigaPro™ Key Features Up to 1.5 Gbps Aggregate Capacity Dual Modem architecture Hitless Adaptive Code Modulation (ACM)
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