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Jonathan Sullivan PSYC 305 Week 1 Assignment 07/11/10 Case Incident 2 Leadership Factories 1. The composition of the workforce is a rather big factor in determining the likelihood of producing a CEO because, it all depends on the type of persons employed for example say I run a company that makes shoes in China. The likelihood of me producing a CEO is fairly low as compared to a management firm who would special is that such field. 2. In order to produce leaders in a leadership factor a leader must have somebody to lead also known as a follower or non leader. They are an essential part of the
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Unformatted text preview: puzzle and without them there would be no leaders. 3. The rate at which CEO’s are being produced would have little to no effect on my decision between two different job offers. The main factors of influence would be the credibility or background of the company and the salary of course too. 4. No, in my opinion the data does not really give much credence to the value of a leader selection and leader development because, it is irrelevant to the factors of leadership values....
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