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Police_Statement - could pay me and that he did not have...

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Jonathan Sullivan Police Statement Early on the morning of July, 26 2010 I remotely serviced an unknown client’s computer who found me through a site called www.crossloop.com and I removed all of the programs from it that were causing it to be really slow. Basically I just uninstalled a lot of unnecessary stuff and then put on anti-virus ware and things like that to protect it and stuff. Around lunch time or so that same day was when I briefly met with a gentlemen at the seven eleven gas station he was of a average build and scruffy looking with kind of brownish like hair and he paid for my services using what he said was a five hundred dollar gift card that said Simon Mall. He told me that was the only way he
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Unformatted text preview: could pay me and that he did not have any cash. The thing that I remember him saying was that hat he was in a hurry because he had to get to work and that is when I asked him where he works and he replied, “at the mall.” He drove a white chevy sedan car. I proceeded to tell him that I could not accept it, that it was too much money but he insisted that I take it, and then is when I decided to spend it at best buy in order to buy a net book computer system. The whole time I had no idea whatsoever that gift card had been stolen. I am very upset by this whole ordeal and from now on I’m not going to be accepting gift cards as any form of payment for my computer services....
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