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updatedweek3lab - important to networking and how networks...

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Jonathan Sullivan 01/27/10 Lab #3, Terminating Category 5e UTP Cable Lab Report Write 2 - 4 paragraphs outlining the steps in terminating a CAT5e cable to a connector jack. (30 points) First, place the Leviton CAT5e connector into the holder. Then, Strip the cat4 UTP cable jacket and place the wires into the slots located on the connector according to their colors. You’re going to want to also trim the wires back to 1/2 inch from the cable jacket and insert into the RJ-45 Plug with the locking clip facing down. Next, using a crimping tool, insert the RJ-45 Plug into the crimper and give the crimper a couple of good squeezes, making sure to apply a good amount of pressure. This will seat the RJ-45 Plug onto the cable. Finally, there is a plastic like cap that you will need to attach when you are done punching down the wires. This is done to ensure that the wires will stay down and firmly in place which will make them last a lot longer too. Write 1 – 2 paragraphs on why you think the TIA/EIA 568 wiring standards are
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Unformatted text preview: important to networking and how networks might be different today without these wiring standards. (20 points) The purpose of this standard is to provide the minimum requirements for telecommunications cabling within a commercial building or campus environment. Without such minimum requirements in place the telecommunications industry would be facing a lot of incompatibility issues. The standards are important because they provide the recommended practices for the design and installation of cabling systems, and they will help to support a wide variety of existing and future services. If these standards were not in place today all the major companies out there would all have their own customized proprietary cables and nothing would be able to interconnect like it is today and thus the whole World Wide Web might not even exists today without the TIA standards in place to ensure that networks are compatible with each other....
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