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extended definitino - man who is brash and violent Sadly...

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Yeldell 1 Clay Yeldell Mrs. Brooks English IV 1301 29 November 2006 Macho, Macho Man The meaning of a word taken from another language can often be lost in translation. A prime example of this occurrence is seen in the definition of the word macho man. Over time, the word macho man has evolved to how it is thought of today, an extremely aggressive male. The word macho comes from the Spanish language where it means masculine. The word personified traits such as courage, valor, honor, sincerity, pride, humility and responsibility. Through time the word has come to be a demeaning descriptive word. In English, the word encompasses only the negative aspects of masculinity in most cases. The word macho man is classified into the same group of words such as: stud, beast, and animal. When I think of the word macho man I think of the ex-wrestler, Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. He was a perfect case of how the word has come to represent a
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Unformatted text preview: man who is brash and violent. Sadly enough, some people strive to achieve this negative macho man image. This type of person is usually someone who attempts to seem confident and strong, but on the inside they are insecure about themselves. These types of people feel that they must go out of their way to be seen as tough, because they feel vulnerable when giving people a glimpse of their true selves. Through all of this most lose site of what the word originally stood for. If people would strive to be more like the Yeldell 1 original meaning, a man with character and strong virtues, the world would be a better place. It is fascinating to see how the word macho man has evolved through time. In the American culture, it has transformed from something that originally stood for good to something that is bad. There is a unique story for every word that is used today if examined close enough....
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extended definitino - man who is brash and violent Sadly...

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