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Jonathan Sullivan D03228693 SEC 280 – Introduction to Information Security Current Event Assignment (20 pts) You are to research a current event (CE) that pertains to security issues in industry. The CE must be an article that is no more than 1 month old. Your summary must at least fill this page – single spaced. Proof read your work for grammatical and spelling errors. Cut and paste work will receive a zero. Article Title: China 'gravest threat' in Cyberwar: The Times Date of Article: 01:09 March 09 2010 URL of Article: http://world.globaltimes.cn/americas/2010-03/510931.html Summary: To just get the gist of this article it is mostly about making other countries aware of just how much of a threat China can be with their constant cyber attacks against other countries. Right now China poses the gravest threat to right up there next to the Al Qaeda. At least that is what is really on the minds of m15 and the FBI right now. It is believed the Chinese hackers have attacked the United States
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