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Jonathan Sullivan 7/18/10 Week 2 Assignment: Types of Power Essay The best type of power is reward because, reward power encourages referent power which makes the employee do well. Once an employee is offered a reward then the employee shows more respect to the manager and becomes a hard worker too. The type of power that I currently have at work is referent power because I always go above and beyond what is required to earn the respect that I deserve and I am also a hard worker. I use my powers everyday in the workplace environment. Just the other day I was told to complete inventory of the entire facility and I went above and beyond by putting it all together in a neat excel spreadsheet my boss was impressed. Ways I could improve upon my leadership and management skills would be to better
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Unformatted text preview: recognize the five different types of power and respond accordingly. For example if my boss tells me that I will receive a bonus for selling five cookies then I will immediately know he is using reward power and respond back with referent power which will in turn earn his respect. They way I see it is if you use referent power to be positive, likeable, and trustworthy. Then your manager will see you as a much better person and in turn you will receive more respect. I would also like to mention that my least favorite type of power which are Coercive power because in my opinion it is just downright dirty. Thus, is why it is hardly ever used in the workplace....
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