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Jonathan Sullivan 8/08/10 Week 5 Assignment: Do U.S. Workers “Live to Work”? Page: 233 #’s 1-4 1. These research results are not surprising to me because they are exactly as I expected. I have come to realize that we here in the United States are for the most part pretty hard working people. However, we definitely do know how to kick back and relax sometimes too. 2. U.S. workers probably have a reputation for living to work because of the fact that many outsiders believe that people here in the U.S. always live a fast paced and crazy lifestyle. For the most part they are right about that part. But, on the other hand they do not realize how much we as Americans party and just have fun. 3. No, these results do not prove that Koreans are more motivated to work than U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: workers. Because, the results simply average the hours work they do not go deep enough to determine the motivating factors behind why they are working those kinds of hours. The type of lifestyle that Koreans live is much different than in the U.S. therefore, like in Korea they have to work more hours just to get food on the table. 4. The economy controls everything from out taxes that we have to pay even down the minimum wage we make at work. But, it also plays a role in the amount of hours that we as Americans are working. That’s because as the status or state of the economy declines we start to find ourselves working more hours to pick up the slack that way we can still put food on the table and be able to get the bills paid too....
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