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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Sullivan Week 6 Current Event SEC 280 – I n t roduction to I nformation Security Current Event Assignment (20 pts) You are to research a current event (CE) that pertains to security issues in industry. • • • • The CE must be an article that is no more than 1 month old. Your summary must a t least f ill this page – single spaced. Proof read your work for grammatical and spelling errors. Cut and paste work will receive a zero. Ar t icle Ti tle: Malicious Facebook ad redirected to fake antivirus software Date of Art icle: April 12, 2010 URL of Ar ticle: h ttp://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/041210-malicious-facebook-ad-redirectsto.html?page=1 Summary: Alr ight, so here’s the gist of it, this malicious advertisement was found on a Facebook application and what i t did was redirect the users to some fake antivirus software. To the end user it looks just like a banner advertisement for greeting cards and was displayed on and off the Facebook application called Farm Town. T he site that the users were redirected to was t rying to sell fake antivirus software. Overall, it is believed that roughly around nine million users were exposed to this malicious Facebook advertisement. According to SlashKey which is t he developer of the Farm Town application they do not believe that the advertisement caused any serious damage. They claim i t as, “harmless to your computer” they then go on to tell you not to follow any of the links from the advertisements on their site that claim to clean your system. Others believe that t he malicious ad is not harmless and they are startled by how the company played off the r isk to minimize the perception of it. There are hundreds of fake antivirus p rograms, and security experts estimate it is a multimillion dollar industry. Sites l ike Facebook make for really good targets for these scammers to go after because Jonathan Sullivan Week 6 Current Event as you would imagine they have an extremely high number of users and potential v ictims. ...
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week6_current event_Jonathan_Sullivan - Jonathan Sullivan...

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