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annotated bibliography

annotated bibliography - Bhutkar R Sapre S"Wireless Energy...

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Bhutkar, R.; Sapre, S, "Wireless Energy Transfer Using Magnetic Resonance", Computer and Electrical Engineering, 2009. ICCEE '09. Second International Conference on , Volume 1, December 2009, pp.512-515. The article discusses a new technology based on strongly coupled magnetic resonance that stems back to Nikola Tesla. In 1899 Nikola Tesla had invented the Tesla coil and transmitted 100 million volts over 26 miles. The breakthrough was deemed disastrous to humans and had then faded away over the years. This article explains the method of strongly coupled magnetic resonance and its hopeful applications of charging all portable electronics. This information was helpful because it brought together past breakthroughs and possible future breakthroughs. Chunbo Zhu; Chunlai Yu; Kai Liu; Rui Ma, "Research on the topology of wireless energy transfer device", Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, 2008. VPPC '08. IEEE , September 2008, pp. 1-5. This article is very resourceful for someone who is just learning about wireless power. It explains three different methods of energy transfer. Along with the explanations, the article shows and thoroughly
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