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lit review annotatd bib

lit review annotatd bib - Gabby Velez Literature Review...

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Gabby Velez Literature Review Wireless power is a process that consists of transmitting electricity to an electrical load without any connecting wires. The possible applications of wireless power are endless. Many researchers have made major breakthroughs throughout the years. One major breakthrough occurred in 1899 by Nikola Tesla. Tesla created the Tesla coil which was a type of resonant transformer. The coil allowed him to wirelessly transmit 100 million volts over 26 miles which lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs and run an electric motor. Even though the breakthrough received 95% efficiency it was considered too dangerous [1]. Research of technology of wireless power then faded away. The arrival of wireless communication and entertainment devices re-inspired the research of the endless applications of wireless power. The technology of today is wireless communication such as cell phones, smart phones, and laptops and any portable entertainment device [3]. As much as people rely on wireless communications, people will start to hope for completely elimination cables with their portable devices [2]. One application being
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