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southkorea1 - Predominant Cultural and Religious Values In...

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Predominant Cultural and Religious Values In South Korea less than half of the population follows no religion, but the rest of the population’s religious views steer towards two religious preferences. Christianity is the largest while Buddhism falls as the second largest. Within Christianity, Protestantism is significantly more popular then the Roman Catholic Church. However, in the United States Christianity is the largest religion, followed by atheism and then Judaism. Within Christianity, Protestantism is the largest religion with over half of the United States population. Ever since Christianity was introduced in South Korea, Buddhists and Christians have had an on- going rivalry. Many riots have occurred between the two, resulting in defacing each other’s religious statues and temples. Protestantism in South Korea differs from Protestantism in the United States. The most powerful influence among the Korean culture is Shamanism. The fundamental purpose is to fulfill practical needs.
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