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To be discussed in class on 3/22/10 Problem 1. (Bending of a Skateboard) Earlier we considered the static analysis of a ‘handplant’ trick. Now we would like to determine how much a skateboard bends during a ‘grind’. Pictured below is a skateboarder ‘grinding’ on a handrail. In this case he has distributed his weight in such a way that he is balancing on the back axle of his skateboard. We can idealize this situation as follows: 1) Assume the skateboarder is not moving (i.e., is in static equilibrium) and is simply balancing on the handrail. The skateboarder’s center of mass is directly over the wheel axle 2) The skateboard is at an angle 15° from the horizontal . A coordinate system is also drawn at 15° from the horizontal and all coordinates given are in reference to this system. The coordinate x=0 refers to the leftmost (back) position on the skateboard and y=0 refers to the central axis of the skateboard.
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